Welcome to the Annisquam Village Hall

Welcome to the Annisquam Village Hall

Welcome to the Annisquam Village HallWelcome to the Annisquam Village Hall

The Squam rock Land Trust

About Us


 In 1935 a group of Annisquam residents created the Squam Rock Land Trust as a vehicle to buy and hold the present day 12+ acre Pasture parcel which includes the beach overlooking Ipswich Bay and the Annisquam Lighthouse. The Trust was formed with the intention of preserving the property in its natural state for the use and enjoyment of Annisquam residents. The Trust creators financed the purchase and it’s maintenance by selling shares and temporary beach use passes to the folks that resided in Annisquam.  

The Trust now has approximately 500 shareholders and is managed by three trustees elected by shareholders at an annual meeting. Shareholders pay a yearly assessment to cover taxes and yearly beach pass fees and voluntary contributions pay for other expenses including insurance, security and maintenance.

Application Information


Annisquam residents, summer, winter or both, are eligible to become a shareholder by purchasing a share at the current cost of $100 which allows them to use the property year round and to buy a yearly beach use card at a reduced cost for summer access when beach use is limited to card holders only. Alternatively residents can buy just the beach card every year as long as the Trustees continue to authorize the sale of them to 

non shareholders

Contact Us


Current trustees are David McAveeney, Sue Harris and Bill Colby. Questions, comments or requests for share or beach card applications may be directed to squamrock@comcast.net, or by mail, to 

Squam Rock Land Trust

 PO Box 6075,
Gloucester, MA 01931